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Your Website Marketing & SEO Plans for 2019

We’re half way to the end of the first quarter of 2019 and many small business owners have been busy implementing their marketing and search engine optimization plans for this year.  We have addressed some concerns and agree that Google and technology is everchanging. But, we also know that the more things change, the more they also remain the same. What do we mean by this? Well, we still know that website content is king as far as Google is concerned. Knowing how to deliver this content in a manner that makes the search engines happy while engaging your visitors is the key to success.

“Google wants to reward unique, relevant rich and informative content.” 

Understanding & Improving Your Website’s Content

Your website’s content as well as any external content is a crucial part of ranking well on the search engines. We have said this time and again because Google keeps telling us.  Going forward in 2019, it still holds true. Making a solid plan to develop content that will not be rendered counter-productive or otherwise problematic to Google is important to keep your website ranking high. But, for many small business owners, feeding your site with original, engaging content is way too time consuming. Without it however, your website will likely fall in ranking. If you have a new website, search engine optimization is crucial and getting ranked will very much depend on feeding your website as well as creating content on external sources. Link juice from higher ranking blogs and websites should be a part of your optimization plans. In essence, many small business owners could spend quite a bit of time writing, blogging, posting, pinning, sharing– well, you get the picture.

So What’s the Solution?

Time and money is the number one factor that prevents small business owners from being competitive online. Let’s face it– everyone Google’s and, or is using social media to find local services and products.  So for 2019, the first step to success is acceptance. The second step is determining if you will spend your time, your money or both on ensuring a return on the investment you have made in your website. The third step is setting a budget for marketing expenses and then making a commitment to your SEO & Marketing endeavors.

Is Something Better than Nothing at All?

Frequently clients with budget constraints ask why they should do anything at all if they don’t have a large SEO and Marketing budget. This mindset may come from the fact that many Florida SEO firms are just too costly to employ. In addition to this, there is the fear of being locked into a contract. But, to answer the question, yes, something is better than nothing. Any time or investment you put into optimizing your website is better than nothing at all. We have covered the topic of being consistent with your SEO, even if it means you are doing a little something– it will always be better than nothing at all.  SEO takes knowledge, but it also is busy work. Find out how we leverage this time and make our search engine optimization and marketing services affordable.

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Easy, Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Whether you need SEO services for your law firm, pest control company, carpet cleaning company or your e-commerce website, we make it easy to obtain just what you need and can afford. Our focus in the past and going into 2019 remains the same— Providing affordable SEO services and solutions to Florida small business owners that will help you to remain consistent and ranking higher in 2019.