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Tampa Website Design, SEO, Marketing – Focusing on Simplicity

At Bay Area Graphics & Marketing, we’ve always had a simplistic approach to website design, Search Engine Optimization and small business services.  Our focus? Customer satisfaction. As small business owners since the 90’s we first considered what we needed and wanted.  Then, we asked small business owners what they wanted once their needs were fulfilled. Their needs boiled down to being able to obtain affordable website services, loyalty and dependability. In short, they wanted simplicity.  Small business owners didn’t need the cheapest web design services in Tampa, they needed quality web design and SEO services that they could easily afford. They wanted a website design company who was dependable one that would help to make their business run a little smoother. Thus, we developed our business model. Affordable website, marketing and design services with an emphasis on honesty and simplicity. We began by taking a minimalistic approach to our own needs which helped to reduce costs that would otherwise have been transferred to our customers.  Why does any of this matter?

The Trend Towards Simplicity and Minimalism in 2018

While researching online trends in 2018, what we discovered was that consumers searched for and were being drawn towards more simplistic approaches to just about everything. From minimalizing space, to clothing and things to becoming self sufficient. The trends also were towards learning how to relax, which often meant finding time to relax. In a nutshell, we couldn’t help but noticed that people are clearly reaching out to cure and reduce the stresses of managing their business and personal lives.  But, we also realized, this wasn’t a “new” trend. We knew this to be true decades ago when we asked consumers what they wanted and needed from a web design and marketing agency. Although we were building our web design and SEO business in the late 90’s, by asking consumers we understood that small business owners were already stressed about the complexities of what the internet meant for the future of their small business. We felt the need to reduce that stress while using our talents. Back then, the cost of a small business website was astronomical and we felt that many small business owners were being left behind. Additionally, we truly couldn’t understand or justify the high prices that web design firms were charging. We deduced it to “because they could.” Website design firms were different then, and they had a need to cover the costs of their really cool offices and large staff and massive advertising costs. Initially, people who could afford it were willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for s simple website.  We took a different approach, a simplistic approach. So how did simplifying things work out? Well, we’re still here decades later and some of those top agencies, are long gone.

Quality in Simplicity

There is quality to be found in simplicity, and less is very often, more. What does it have to do with website design, SEO, graphic design services? Well, these are services most small business owners need on a consistent basis. Many business owners are hard wired to deal with complex situations and some often create difficulties where it they don’t yet exist.  I think we have all heard the old phrase “keep it simple stupid” or “less is more.” Let’s go with the both of these. People have a tendency to complicate matters that are not complicated. Or, they complicate things they may not understand. Simply put, that’s not wise or in the case to follow, decent.  Frequently, small business owners in our industry and others, will complicate and confuse matters –on purpose. Example: We’ve heard many stories of other firms convincing the consumer that the sky is falling– and if the sky is falling, the person complicating matters was surely the only one who can stop it from falling. Surely, anyone who can stop the sky from falling will charge a wonderfully high fee to do so. After all, it’s the sky, and it’s falling. What’s worse, is finding out that the firm caused the sky to fall, only to charge their customer to fix it. See how that works? Sadly, it works for falling skies, a fall in website ranking, a broken website– or just about anything.  In this situation less of that way of doing business is surely more.  We think so, anyways. We keep things simple by being honest, fixing what needs to be fixed, and by keeping troubles at bay so our customers can focus on other matters like relaxing perhaps?

IF the Sky Actually Falls, You Won’t Need Our Services

Look, as small business owners we know that when things become too complicated, it eventually takes a toll on everyone.  We also understand having worked closely with small business owners for decades, that the daily grind of operating a business can be complicated without any help from us or anyone else for that matter. It is the nature of the beast. Thus, our goal when working on our client’s website design projects or their search engine optimization and marketing is to keep focused on what is important and true. Give our clients what they need and want and work methodically towards solutions to problems that may arise. We keep the necessary website services affordable while keeping the process easy for customers to understand. We do not insist on contracts because we do not need to. If an SEO or web design firm makes you sign a contract that locks you in to services for months or years,  you most likely need to start looking for the hidden fees. (Usually it’s in small print in the form of “price per keyword or phrase” or location or hosting or other additional services.) We offer affordable website design packages and Pay as You Go SEO services which keeps the process of search engine optimization and website marketing simple. If you need to focus on ranking for multiple keywords, we’re already on it. We also combine our services into one, so for instance, if you have a WordPress website, and you need WordPress maintenance or updates, we’ll take care of those for you as part of our SEO service. We won’t make it complex, upsell our services or create problems (like falling skies) because if the sky actually does fall, you surely won’t need our services. That’s pretty simple. 

Saving Time, Money, Energy in 2019 

Moving into 2019, we believe the trend towards simplicity will remain as it did in the 90’s and in 2018. We believe more small business owners will continue to search for ways to simplify their own lives which means making changes in their business relationships. This may include making some changes that will result in saving money, time and energy. These are all good and positive things to aspire to. We will continue to keep our process of developing small business websites that rank well, easy and affordable. Our SEO service and web maintenance services will continue to be straightforward, without complicated rules, price structures or questionable short-cuts that can actually cause harm long term, rather than good. Trusting that your website services are in the hands of focused, experienced professionals will allow our customers to spend more time to search for additional ways to create harmony, simplicity and success in their business! You too can join the so-called trend for simplicity and maybe go on a quest for a bit of relaxation in 2019!

“Simple can be harder than complex, you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs

Let us help you simplify things, so together, we can move mountains! 

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