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You’ve Launched Your Website Now What

By May 15, 2017June 22nd, 2017No Comments

What to Do Once Your Website has Launched

So your website has just launched and after the excitement wears off you will hopefully be ready forTampa, Pasco County Website Design the next steps. Depending on the type of website you have and the industry you are in, the answer may differ. Additionally, the tasks could be much more extensive if your website developer neglected to do some of the more obvious things, such as including the proper meta data, alt tags for images, analytics or other “optimization” tasks. You should always insist that these things are included and completed prior to launching your website. Unfortunately, far too often they are not. Below you will find a few basic steps you will need to take once your website was launched properly :

Those are very BASIC tasks that you must perform once your website is launched. We cannot stress enough how this can vary, however.  Making sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly, adding schema or optimizing your website properly is something we do regularly for newly launched websites.  Some of the most neglected tasks that should have been included prior to launching your website are as follows and are included in our website design service.

  • Ensuring Meta Data is Correct and Thorough
  • Optimizing images for search engines and speed
  • Set up Analytics and Webmaster Accounts
  • Create and/or submit Proper site maps to Google
  • Check for problems with copy or site structure
  • Testing forms
  • Checking site security

Launching your new website is exciting and reaping the rewards that comes with a good website maintenance service Floridamaintenance and marketing plan is even better. In short, make sure you don’t neglect your website for in doing so, you won’t realize the maximum return on your investment. If you are doing all of the things  you think you should be doing, and yet you still can’t seem to get ranking, feel free to reach out to us. We have the experience it takes to troubleshoot problems that are often overlooked and at an affordable price.

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