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Small Business DIY Website Design

Florida Small Business Owners Avoid Costly Mistakes

Small businesses are always looking for affordable website design options and who can blame them? With the cost of running a business, we know that every penny saved counts. But, when it comes to areas where you should cut costs, you shouldn’t neglect asking yourself what the return on your investment, or lack thereof will be.

 “Affordable” Web Builder Services

Cutting costs by using the various web builders or “all in one” website design and hosting service options has proven disastrous for the majority of clients who have come to us for help after having chosen this route.  We have countless stories of wasted time, money and effort by small business owners. Imagine, spending a year or more trying to get your site built and RANKING on the web, only to realize you made a huge mistake.  Sure, some of these templates these companies offer look nice, but the functionality and capabilities do not. This is where the “up-sell” comes in, and where you will realize your necessity for other web design solutions.

One big issue with many of these DIY web builders, is that if you decide to host your website elsewhere, you simply cannot do so. Sure, you can copy and paste your content (text) into your new website on a new platform, but for the most part, what clients are being sold with free websites or web builders is hosting with some website templates thrown in to entice the user. We always recommend keeping your hosting and your web designer separate as by doing so, they will avoid many problems that come along with combining the two.

wordpress web design tampa bay flIs WordPress a Web Builder?

WordPress is a content management platform that is free to use. WordPress uses themes, but it is not a web builder. You can host a WordPress website with any host of your choice, although we do recommend some hosts over others. A WordPress website is very different from the web builders such as what you get with WIX or Godaddy and are far superior depending on your designer. DIY website design using WordPress can be difficult at best for most, however, once we design a WordPress website for our clients, providing they have the time and willingness to learn, we can teach you how to make simple edits and even manage the basic aspects of your website. If you need help after we’ve launched your site, we have affordable pay as you go options to help you to maintain, update and market your new website.

Are WordPress Websites More Affordable?

Because we charge a one time fee for a WordPress Website Design, once this fee is paid and your site is launched, you pay only for your hosting. This cost will vary depending on the host that you choose. Our minimum website design package is a 6 Page website design package, which start for as little as under $1000.

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